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Hi there, I’m helping Tom with his web design and graphics, plus I love to dance... Please don’t tell him I’m here, I want him to believe that all this, is his hard work. I hope you'll like it :-). And if you want to see more, please scroll and use our top right hamburger menu.

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Looking through the website you will probably notice that I have a desire to create unique and interactive projects.
I’m not going to bore you to say how many years of experience I have and what exams I have taken.
That’s not a bad thing... Let's have a cup of tea and discuss what I can do for you and your company - call 07460078811.


Thousand ideas and hundred different ways
to design perfect website.

  • mobile web design maidenaheadResponsive Designyour website prepared to addopt all screen sizes.
  • web development maidenaheadLocal Developer professional, local web artist
  • web specialists maidenaheadTom Designer web designer and developer

Consider whether your company needs “Kitchen Takeaway Website” that have been built in 5 minutes, from the same layout as several of your competitors or “Strong Company Website” that focuses on clients, new ideas and creates exciting projects.
Show your customers that the way you treating your company website is the way you will deal with their enquiries.


Only one beautiful, exciting and
commercially perfect design.

  • graphic for webWeb Graphicgraphic for any web project
  • website design maidenaheadWeb Craftany idea into visual perfection
  • Local Web Design and Graphics

    My websites and graphics will not only represent your business but also engage with the audience. I will always try to find and expose the most important aspects of your business. So to get the best help is always better to order the web design project from a local developer who understands the local market. Not only they can provide more accurate help and research but also through its input will support local businesses.

  • Web Video Design

    We are heading towards very exciting times for web video animation and website interaction. Websites with videos are more interesting, realistic and sales effective than just simple lines of endless text descriptions. I will help you to invite new clients by creating a perfect video presentation. With my colleagues from ovipic wycombe websites who specializing in web development and video graphics, I will bring unique content to your website.


mobile: 07460078811

dextart contact
  • photography artistBa AńkaCredit to young and talented photographer Ba Anka. She supplied the images for this website. You can find her on facebook under "Ba Anka".
  • website development contactDextArt That's me... Your local web designer and developer.
  • ovipic websiteOvipic Credit to my colleagues from Ovipic. All animations and videos have been put together by these talented web developers.