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  • graphic designer maidenaheadLocal Graphic Design my vision + your vision = perfect design
  • Graphic Design

    "The devil is in the detail". As a graphic designer, I always do my best to implement my customers vision into perfect design. I'm referring not only to graphic design but logo design and motion graphic presentations. "With age comes wisdom", and " With practice comes perfection" therefore I highly value all comments and communication with my clients. There is no detail I would like to miss when creating the image that will represent your brand.

  • Motion Graphic and Video

    Browsing through the internet, you have probably noticed more websites with video animations representing companies profile. To create interesting content, you should always consider embedding them alongside the rich text snippets. I will create an interesting and valuable video presentation for your customer. They don't always find the time to read long text descriptions. That is why, if your new website is built with the video you'll give them unique chance to see all content.

  • Logo Design Maidenhead

    As a graphic designer, I also offer the bespoke logo design. My approach to all my logo designs is very similar to all graphics I create. A close relationship with my clients is absolutely essential to create the perfect company brand. Furthermore, I am offering three logo samples to choose from to make sure they always get the best value for money.

Have you ever wondered what impact my have the bespoke logo design? Perhaps you are not prepared to pay extra for something you can create yourself. How about I design something that will include the price of the new web design?
And if I promise to introduce you new graphic design on the YouTube and Vimeo, will this make you change your mind? Scroll down to see more details.


Lets make it more attractive.
Make your customers talk about your website.

  • motion graphic maidenaheadMotion Graphic & Videocompany promo video, logo animation & professional presentation
  • Company Promotional Video

    There is a big different between the homemade video and professional video design. I use professional tools that can create something inspirational even from simple recording and animations. I can present your company, show your clients new services or create a simple video presentation and add the clip to your website.

  • YouTube and Vimeo

    Last year Google reported the YouTube to be the second most popular website in the world. I certainly feel like there is a huge advantage in getting your brand listed on the above pages. I can help you build you profile on these video pages, create the video and publish so you and your clients can link to it and share with a public.

  • graphic designer maidenheadGraphic Designernot only graphic, but also logo design and banners.
  • digital graphic designWorking 4 You Hard work is always rewarding.
  • For Show and Presentations

    If you are looking for the professional graphic designer that can create the graphic for NEC, you've come to the right place. Please feel free to drop me an email on info@dext-art.com.