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    There are hundreds of web design companies from John O’Groats to Land’s End offering web design and graphic services. You will probably wonder, why should I use this chap from Maidenhead? There are several reasons I could mention, but let me focus on few that will have a direct impact on final design, page usability and performance. One of the main reasons I would consider when choosing my web designer is a distance. Sourcing from abroad might be cheaper but will they perform? I guess you already spending your valuable time on researching the web so they should be nothing but better. If your designer is not local will he fully appreciate your business nature? Will he understand your competitive market and challenges that your business has to face? How about his personal experience in dealing with local companies? What about modern or user-friendly design that is driven by local trends? All this will have a direct impact on your website and if you are not prepared to spend some time and explain it all, you might lose it on web quality and important SEO factors. I think the impact is when your clients will visit your project and save it in their favourite bookmarks or go back to see more interesting page content.


    As you know, SEO - search engine optimization is essential for all new and updated websites. If you just updated you web pages you want them to perform. I always offer SEO with my projects and there isn’t one I built without it, even if is not required and just on a basic level. It’s not an easy task to stay on top of constantly changing SEO trends so if you planning to update your website or create the new project I would always recommend doing it with individual or organizations that are designing your website. If they don’t offer you probably should go elsewhere!


    Remember, you don’t have to have your domain name in place when you need new web design from DextArt. If is already there and you just need the redesign, no problem… If you need your online domain to be transferred, I will assist as best as I can. And if you need a new domain and email accounts I will talk you through considering all possibilities all positives and negatives.

So far we have covered three main topics for getting you URL/brand out there to www.
How about we cover some other topics like domains, business social pages, and all important rich web content. Scroll down to see more details.


It is important to consider
these technical details.

  • domain names maidenaheadOnline Name your online trade mark

    This is jet another very important choice you have to make when setting up your website. Personally, I would like to divide this choice into three categories. First one is to register the new domain name that represents your company brand. Simply build your own traffic and promote your brand. This idea is widely promoted by google and all prestige SEO bloggers and professionals. Even though is long, it is no doubt most appropriate and fully supported. Second, is to choose the domain name strictly for search engine optimization, for example, www. driving-school-maidenhead.co.uk. This name by default will drive some traffic to your website but Google already announced that this will no longer bring any benefits. Third is to purchase the second-hand domain name with some positive history and ranking and do everything to expand and promote your new name. No doubt this will save you some time and bring some traffic almost instantly, you just need to know what you're doing. But hey, you have me so why not get some advice and see what I can offer.


    When I talk about building social media profiles with companies already established on the marked they almost treating this like a laughing matter. Most of them will ask, “Why do we need to connect there”? Trust me when I say “This is not a laughing matter”. To prove this, I’ll give you the perfect example from my portfolio. Driving school company I have created website had no social pages setup but still generated steady / good income. Their perception has changed after receiving additional 40 enquiries per month that turned into additional 12 to 15 new customers. I recommend, take these pages seriously and promote your brand only on business niche profiles.

  • maidenhead websitesWeb Contentso what your website has to offer?

    And last but not least “Rich Content”. All SEO experts will tell you “Not the quantity but quality” matters when creating your website. I will expand on this and advise to create something that will drive your readers back to your website. For example nice video presentation or some free advice on a specific topic. Give you visitors some interesting and free content and they will reply by driving your web traffic. Remember, the internet is the most resourceful library in the world.